EA Perkasa v2

More powerful, with more accurate indicators, backed up with solid martingale strategy.

Why Choose EA Perkasa for your forex trading?

Simple, yet easy-to-use expert advisor to provide potential benefits for users, equipped with various features that increase the safety of your investment capital. Today, more than 448 accounts use Perkasa to manage their trading account.


We ourselves love using this EA, and we want you to like it too. You can use this EA with any broker you prefer.

Many safety parameters

Operational hours, spread limit, news filter, daily profit target, auto lot calculation, etc.

Advanced Martingale Technique

With dynamic martingale distance calculation, it's never too far to hit TP and it's not too small to fight against trend.

About EA

Good in swing situation, great resistance in long trend

Always a concern when playing martingale, what is the best lot multiplier and distance between OPs. This EA will help you with its advanced dynamic distance, protected with opening marti layer from signal, time limitation, spread limit, daily target, news filter, etc.

Automatic Initial Lot

We are very conservative in determining the initial lot. It's $3000 for 0.01 lots. This value will automatically increase as the balance increases. You can do set and forget, and it will auto compounding. Of course, you can specify it manually too.

Short Initial Distance

When the first OP is not in the direction of the candle, EA will open the second OP with a short distance. To make sure if the direction immediately reverses, it will hit the TP easily.

Dynamic Distance

As you open several marty layers, the distance between the layers will increase, according to the distance multiplier. So that the equity does not run out quickly, and the layers that are opened can still follow the trend.

TP Re-calculation

In extreme conditions, sometimes we close one or more OPs manually, and EA will recalculate a new TP value for the remaining OPs.


Many parameters are integrated with this EA, to increase trading security and free you to trade according to your own style

Running Mode

Parameters to determine if the EA runs normally, stops after TP, does not open the marty layer, or does not recalculate TP at all.

Order Type

You decide, it is buy and sell, buy only or sell only.

OP after Candle

Sometimes, a single candle can break quite a lot of pips. This option is to prevent EA from opening multiple layers at the short duration time.

Marty from Signal

During a long trend, opening a new layer when the trading direction is still opposite may not be a wise thing. EA will wait for the signal to turn around to open the next marty layer.

Spread Limit

EA will not open a new OP when the market is very volatile and the spread is greater than the spread limit.

Daily Profit

In percentage to balance. When the profit exceeds this target, the EA will not open any new OPs, only finish OPs that are still running. A good way to reduce risk.

Initial Lot

The initial lot can be determined manually, or automatically, according to the weight specified for the 0.01 lot. By selecting auto, the trade will become auto compound.

Distance Between OP

The distance between layers starts with small, and the more layers, the distance will be widened according to the distance multiplier value.

Maximum OP

Number of maximal OP can be opened for this pair. Don't set to high, if you don't have enough balance.

Start & End Hour

You can determine at what time EA will open the first OP. Some traders avoid swing times, and some avoid high volatility.

News Filter

A news can create a very volatile situation. EA will not create a new OP in a certain time frame before the news, and also until a certain time after the news.

Magic Number

Multiple EAs can be installed on an MT4 to handle different pairs, or different hours of operation. Make sure the Magic Number used is different for each EA.

Minimum Equity

Multiple EAs can be installed on 1 MT4 account. If one pair is long floating, the other EA will not open a new OP if the equity is less than the limit.

Cut Loss

We never wanted this feature to work. But sometimes market conditions do not allow, and we need to save the remaining balance.

Trend Direction

You may choose to EA open OP that follow trend or reverse trend.


We will put most frequent question here...

  • How to install this EA?

    Just like other EA, you should run MT4 on Windows machine, using server or VPS. Put EA file on folder data - MQL4 - Experts. On Tools - Option - Expert Advisors, add 'http://rbtfx.info/' on Allow web request. We prefer to use this EA on M5 timeframe. For more profit, use this EA with several pairs on one account. And don't forget to allow live trading.

  • ONLY when you use more then one EA Perkasa to handle same pair. For example, one for BUY only and the other for SELL only in the same pair.

  • We suggest $3000 for initial lot 0.01 with default setting.

  • EA Perkasa can run on any broker. Choose a broker that can be trusted, and the registration, deposit and withdrawal processes are easy. So far we have a good experience using the broker: Octa FX (you can choose to have flat rate depo and widthdrawal), or Exness (Cent account available, fast widthdraw process).


Ask your question or help others to use this EA.