Time Frame

Dynamic Time Frame

EA will open OP on each new candle, depends on selected Time Frame. TF Multiplier and Dynamic TF will reduce OP opening, and choose TF smartly according to numbers of OP opened.

Advanced schedule

Trading Hours

You can specify which day for trading, and starting and end hour. You can also specify different start hour for Monday, and end hour for Friday.

Reduce Risk

Smart OP Reduction

Mechanism NOT to open OP, if TP will not change signifficanly.

Unique EA with Smart Martingale on Every Candle

This EA performs a very unique martingale strategy. Many OPs will be opened with small lots, according to the Time Frame used, which aims to keep the TP value not far from the price. Of course, the required equity is quite large. However, by using TF Multiplier or Dynamic TF, we can reduce the need for equity while still getting the appropriate percentage of profit. To reduce risk, there is also a Smart OP Reduction function. more detail information

This EA is very high risk. If you want calmer EA, use EA Perkasa.

EA Perkasa