EA Perwira

Release Update

Version 2.00
Add: New Indicators MA, RSI, Ichimoku, Bolinger Band, Stochastic.
Add : Dynamic Smart OP Reduction (DSOR)
Add : Average Directional Index (ADX) to force EA opening OP only in swing or trend situation.
Add : Trend Direction : Follow or Reverse
Update : Tidy up the naming of setting parameters for DTF.
Remove : TF Multiplier parameter, DTF can be used for the same function.
Mar 01 2023
Version 1.09
Add : SOR Distance
Dec 21 2022
Version 1.08
Backtest is much much much more faster then before
Dec 19 2022
Version 1.07
Add: News Filter option
Add: Max Lot
Add: TP Rounded
Add: Close by Profit
Add: Lot rounding
Oct 14 2022
Version 1.06
Add : SOR parameter use OP and DD
Add : Dynamic TF parameter use OP and DD
Add : New dashboard to monitor progress
Add : Running Mode to close all OP buy or sell
Fix : TP Re-calculation when OP close manually
Jul 18 2022
Version 1.05
Add : Smart OP Reduction can be set to start after xx OP.
Jun 27 2022
Version 1.04
Add : Daily setting for trading on/off
Add : Special Start Hour for Monday and End Hour for Friday
Add : Time Frame Multiplier - to make EA open OP not every candle. Example : TF M1, with multiplier 2, so EA will open every 2 candle/minutes.
Add : Smart OP Reduction : mechanism NOT to open OP, if TP will not change signifficanly.
Add : Dynamic Time Frame - to set different interval when making OP.
Fix : TP Recalculation from newest OP
Jun 13 2022
Version 1.03
Add : Limit profit by nominal
Add : Stop after Cutloss
May 12 2022
Version 1.02
Fix : Close OP if only 1 OP with no TP and profit
Apr 29 2022
Version 1.01
Fix : new logic
Apr 26 2022