EA Perwira

How it works?

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Thank you for your interest in using the EA Perwira.

This EA was created and developed by a group of programmers in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, who have an interest in trading. It is hoped that this EA can help users trade safely. The creation of this EA was inspired by one Russian-made EA that is very famous for its brutality, because it has a fairly large profit, and opens many OPs (with small lots). Unlike the EA Perkasa, which prioritizes safety, this EA is made to maximize profits. And just like the EA Perkasa, this EA is made to be used freely and for free without any conditions, without any time limit.


Yes, this EA does use the martingale technique as well. The martingale technique will eliminate the directional error when making OP1, by making another OP with a larger lot, so that TP can be approached. Usually, the next OP is made if the current price has moved away from the last OP position at a minimum distance that has been determined according to the EA parameters. Some EAs will also wait for a suitable signal. This often results in floating minus occurring for a long time, if the market conditions are swing/ranging.

For example, 4 martingale layers have been formed, and the price is only moving around the opening price of OP 3 and OP 4. However, it has not been able to touch TP. The EA cannot open a new OP, and the TP is also not touched, so the position will remain open for a long time.

This EA uses a unique martingale technique, by opening a position on every new candle, if the selected time frame is M1, then on every minute, a new position will be opened, hoping that the TP will get closer to the current price. The martingale that will open does not consider the distance like the EA Perkasa does, but will consider its effectiveness against the martingale's ability to bring the TP closer to the current price. If the TP is not close, then the martingale will not open, so it will minimize the EA opening the martingale with too many lots so as to minimize the increase in wasted DD.

Prices correcting and reversing is a certainty, it's just a matter of how far and how fast it happens.

To increase the ability of the to read directions, the EA Perwira is equipped with Indicators contained in the EA Perkasa, which are expected to increase the accuracy of predicting the price direction of a trend on a particular time frame.

This EA is more suitable for use in ranging/swing positions and strongly avoids strong trends so that possible misdirection does not risk increasing drawdowns without limitations that can risk your trading account running out of margin. To secure the area and playing zone of the EA Perwira so as not to be in a strong trend, the ADX Indicator is a fairly appropriate solution, so that position taking is not carried out on a strong price trend, both in bearish and bullish positions.

The adequacy of the minimum balance, determining the smallest possible initial lot, the selection of pairs to be played, the selection of time frames to be used are considerations that need to be made before starting to use the EA Perwira to suit the most comfortable and appropriate trading style.

In addition, the EA Perwira has other safety features that will be explained further in this paper.


The installation process begins by inserting EA Perwira in your expert adviser folder in MT4. At the topmost parameter you will find the Running Mode parameter, which by default will run the EA in full mode. In addition, you can choose various alternative Running Modes according to your needs.

Select the Indicator that will be used by the EA Perwira to take the first position (OP). The option to use this indicator is new to the 2.00 version of the EA. There are 6 indicator options that can be used, Simple, Moving Average, RSI, Stochastic, Ichimoku, and Bolinger Band. If you are comfortable with the position taking done by the 1.XX version of the EA, then you can choose "Simple" as the indicator to use for the First OP. You can choose a Time Frame that is different from the Time Frame on the chart. You can also choose to take a position in the opposite direction of the trend direction generated by the indicator.

Don't forget to specify your take profit value in points. Adjust with your broker about the points. The default TP in the parameters is used for 2-digit brokers on the XAUUSD pair. If you are using a 3-digit broker, add the number "0" one to the parameter value to adjust the broker's conditions.

There is also another Take Profit determination based on the nominal value in the "Close by profit ($)" parameter.

Some brokers have a rounding policy for prices that occur. For example, rounding 0.25: 0.00, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, and so on. For brokers that have policies like these examples, you can adjust the TP value through the Rounding for TP feature. Fill in "0" if you want to disable this feature.

EA Perwira has sufficient lot settings, you can choose either auto lot or manual lot. For auto lot, the parameter that plays a role is "Balance per 0.01". If you want to open 0.01 lots for every 10,000 balance, then enter 10,000 in this parameter. When your balance reaches 20,000, the EA will automatically start trading by opening an OP of 0.02. This is called auto compound.

You can also customize the lot rules of certain brokers that round the lot. The unique default lot multiplier is also quite safe to use. Adjust the lot multiplier if you want to use other strategies that you find more comfortable.


It is possible to use multiple pairs that you play with EA Perwira. If there is one pair that is experiencing a high floating drawdown, you can prevent other pairs from opening initial positions so as not to risk the drawdown increasing because other pairs open and experience additional drawdowns that can reduce the amount of your equity to hold the previous position that has not been closed / completed. Under such conditions, use the Minimum Equity for First OP feature which can help you to limit the opening of new positions (first OP) if Equity is within a certain value.

You can also use some limitations that can be used to increase the safety of your trading with features such as Daily Profit Limit, Maximum Lot, Maximum OP, and Cutloss with certain DD in mind.

Some traders have different experiences, comfort and preferences when it comes to trading time, for example some traders avoid the US and European markets. EA Perwira has a feature to determine the operating hours/trading time according to the trader's wishes and experience. Starting from setting trading hours of operation, trading days of operation to the start and end of trading hours of operation at the beginning and end of each week.

Don't forget to utilize the News Filter feature which is very useful to avoid the uncertainty of price trends that occur due to significant economic news that can affect extreme price changes.


EA Perwira still have some more advanced security features.


What is quite interesting about EA Perwira version 2.00 is the ADX (Average Directional Index) feature that can provide predictions on the strength of the current price trend. With ADX, OPs made by EA Perwira can be limited only to market conditions that are ranging/swinging or are experiencing a weak trend. EA Perwira is recommended to avoid trends that are too strong in order to reduce the potential for increased drawdown if the price moves fast enough with a short correction, which has the potential to make our account run out of margin due to unpredictable drawdown limits. You can also specify a time frame that is different from the Time Frame on the chart used for this Indicator.


Another feature that is quite unique is the SOR (Smart OP Reduction). Because basically this EA Perwira does martingale by taking positions on every candle, so it can potentially take positions that occur even further away from the current price with the Take Profit (TP) price. This feature can calculate in advance the martingale position that will be taken. Thus, if the TP position approaches according to the predetermined minimum distance, the EA will open a new OP. Conversely, if it turns out that when the EA is supposed to open a new position and the TP moves away, the EA will postpone opening a new OP. With this feature, the opening of new orders will be effective by considering these conditions, so as to prevent too many orders.


Another feature that is no less unique is the DTF or Dynamic Time Frame feature, which can set the use of different time frames from the installed chart. In this feature, you can specify the TF multiplier to be used and after what OP the DTF runs. With this feature, each new position will open according to the specified time frame multiplier.

For example, the Time Frame on the chart is chosen to be M1. Under normal conditions, EA will open positions every minute or every M1 candle. If the multiplier on the DTF is specified as 3x, then a new position will occur every 3xM1 or every 3 minutes. The determination of the multiplier in the DTF feature can be adjusted after a certain number of OPs into 3 levels of the number of OPs that can be determined by the user of this EA.


Well, congratulations on using EA Perwira. A more detailed explanation of the parameter settings and the development of each version can be found on other pages on this website